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April 2011 - Stankonia Studios, Atlanta, GA
Present: Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green, Eric Judy, Tom Peloso, Joe Plummer, Big Boi, Chris Carmouche
  • Band spent a week in Atlanta working 14 hour days with Big Boi and Chris Carmouche.
  • Jim Fairchild revealed in an August 2011 interview that he was not present.
  • Joe Plummer may also not have been present, he is not featured in a photo that was tweeted at the time.
  • Big Boi has given a different answer each time he mentions how many tracks he worked on, ranging between 3-5.
  • In a short video interview published in 2012, but recorded during the session, Isaac mentions that they're working on two songs, one of which is about Coyotes.
  • Jeremiah Green revealed in a January 2015 interview, that none of the material recorded during this session would be used.
  • Isaac Brock revealed in a March 2015 interview, that Kevin Kendrick (Cameo) came in an played piano on an unnamed track, and Debra Killings (bass in Bootsy Collins) was brought in to do backing vocals on "Coyotes".
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