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Posted 2009/05/14 at 00:00 | By: Gregg | Tags: Release

Seeing as how the Satellite Skin 7" is getting a limited release of only 4000 copies and there has been virtually no word on which record stores will be carying the release on May 26, it may be easier to purchase it online.

The 7" can be pre-ordered from one of these sites:
  • Skyroo $6.99 + $4.49 shipping (US shipping only)
  • SOLD OUT Insound $7.99 + $4.99 US / $6.99 Canada & Mexico / $9.49+ International shipping
  • Homer's $9.99 + $3.45 US / $7.00 International shipping
All prices in USD.

If you know of any other sites selling the single OR any record store that is guaranteeing they will have the single in store on May 26, let us know so we can list them.
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