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Posted 2010/04/12 at 00:00 | By: Gregg | Tags: Side Project, Ugly Casanova

A new trailer has been posted for the 180 Degrees South Documentary and towards the end it states that it will feature original music by Ugly Cassanova?

Now before anyone gets too excited, take note of that extra "s," as in that's the spelling of Isaac's publishing name, as first noted on "The Fruit That Ate Itself" (Although also note that since 2004 it has been spelt Ugly Casanova on Modest Mouse releases), and not his side project Ugly Casanova.

Why Isaac appears to be going under his alias is anyone's guess at this point OR could this be a new incarnation of Ugly Casanova?

When this was first mentioned last year, the project was supposed to include Modest Mouse members Isaac, Eric, Tom and Joe and The Shins' James Mercer. So it would be interesting if this was the new Ugly Casanova, except that in this new trailer, James Mercer's name is listed separately.

Ugly Cassanova is also listed first and larger than the other names, which is also interesting as this was originaly thought to be James Mercer's project.

180 Degrees South has just started showing at film festivals and will be available on DVD on June 8, so hopefully more information will start becoming available on any soundtrack details.

Thanks to Buzman429 for the news tip.


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