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Posted 2011/01/03 at 16:40 | By: Gregg | Tags: Site News

Happy new year and welcome to the new As you can see we have completely redesigned the site.

Firstly, to get the technical stuff out of the way, I recoded the site in PHP and converted the existing database to MySQL. I have also moved the site to a new web host, Media Temple, which I am extremely happy about seeing as how my old web host in the last year has been going down in flames.

Down to new features. Apart from a fresh new look and feel, which I don't think looks too bad considering I have ZERO design skills, I have added new features, most are small and insignificant, but will make the presentation and usefulness of the data we store better. Major changes include:

  • Commenting - This is request I have received a lot over the years. The ability to comment on songs like the site, etc. It's a really good idea, so I've added this feature through a plugin called, which is becoming more and more popular. The new site has the ability to comment on news articles, songs, albums, tour dates (instant reviews!), pretty much everything.

  • Studio Sessions - This is a rough collection for now. We will need to go through and fine tune it, but basically it is an attempt to catalogue every time Modest Mouse entered a studio to record something, whether if be an album track, demo, etc. Sessions link back to the songs and people involved and visa versa.

  • Song Quotes - Any quotes the band has ever mentioned involving individual songs from interviews, etc; like either the song's meaning, effects used, etc. Although... Someone now just needs to find some...

  • Alternative lyrics and track names - Something that has been sorely missing and a limitation of the old site, is the ability to bind alternative song titles to songs and alternative lyrics (this includes live lyrics). No longer. I received many contributions earlier on for alternative lyrics from live performances, (eg the extended Trucker's Atlases, etc), but had no way of putting them into the system, this can now be done, so by all means if you have a bootleg of a show in which the lyrics to a track are severally changed and you think it should be noted, please submit.

  • Tour Recordings - just the info for now, I am not looking at hosting bootlegs. This feature will do is track which shows have been recorded, with what, the quality and if the recording is complete or not. The technology is there, it's just a work in progress and something you will start to see more of in the tour section.

  • Venues - Tour dates will now start tracking performances played at the same venue, not just city, state and country. With the hopes of expanding and having a decent library of venues around the world.

  • Themes - At the moment, this is the default theme for the site, but in the coming weeks we will be adding one for each album and maybe some EPs. It's nothing too major, mainly just the colours of the site, but it's a nice touch.

Right now, most of the original data is as is. We're going to be going through entries over the next few months and trying to fix up as much of the original data as possible (I found tons of mistakes while moving the data over; incorrectly spelt song names, album release dates, and a whole Japanese tour missing from 1999). The new system also allows us to expand on the already large discography section with far more ease. A lot of the entries will still have their old album art in, which is the incorrect size, so some may look a little stretched. This mainly applies to side projects though.

I've also got in temporary bios taken from Wikipedia, which we will go back and add to along the way, but feel free to add your two cents to them in their comments section. We also have plans for a new message board theme, a mobile site, maybe (big maybe) an iPhone app, and some other useful features a long the way.

So... here it is. I hope I haven't missed anything in testing. If you see something glaringly wrong, please bear with us, let us know and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your support over the last 4.5 years, and here's hoping we all get word of the new album soon.

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