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Posted 2011/04/03 at 12:26 | By: Gregg | Tags: Jim Fairchild, Release, Side Project

A short update from Jim Fairchild regarding the status of the All Smiles Staylow And Mighty vinyl.

I am writing to apologize for the amount of time that it has taken to fill the orders for Staylow and Mighty vinyl.

I was waiting for my vinyl manufacturer who delayed the shipping date A LOT for this album. I am told I'll have everything by the end of next week and it will go straight out the door after that. I was hoping to ship everyone everything at the same time. Since I feel so bad about treating you guys, the people who are most supportive of us, with such unpunctual behavior, I promise to make it up to you by personally shipping you all a copy of something unique and special in the not too distant future. It will involve Aaron Burtch, for you Grandaddy fans. And some of it is being recorded early next week. The rest is finished. Okay, look for the shipment soon. Thank you for your patience! I really appreciate it. All the best,


Source: All Smiles In The Studio by All Smiles » All Smiles Vinyl — Kickstarter

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