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Posted 2011/06/07 at 23:35 | By: Gregg | Tags: Jeremiah Green, Release, Side Project

Seattle design and production company, Süperfad, team up with director Nando Costa (The Whale Song video) and World Gang to release the short film Tactile Waveforms.

Süperfad's latest short film, directed by Nando Costa, explores the connections between science, mathematics and music. Drawings representing a musical score are released into stylized landscapes that illustrate conditions through which sounds travel. These drawn representations react in different ways when traveling through the desolate landscapes, transforming into impossible musical instruments and altering elements in the environment along the way. The film's structure is defined by World Gang's music composition, which features classic instruments altered electronically to create the track. Working in a push and pull relationship, the film's video and audio abstractions unite in an experience that is both otherworldly and rooted in tradition.

And a reminder that World Gang's live album, Live At The ENDOFTHEWORLD 3/11, is out this Friday after having been delayed a month.

Source: Süperfad :: work :: Tactile Waveforms

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