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Year: 2013 | Month: October
Posted 2013/10/11 at 15:09 | By: Gregg | Tags: Site News

Board problems

So as you many have noticed, we've been having some data problems since Tuesday, which has resulted in me taking the Board down.

On Tuesday, during a routine server restart, the database server failed to shutdown correctly. Upon restart, certain databases somehow became corrupt, and the server automatically tried to find the last good backup it could work with, taking a lot of the Interstate-8 data back to May. It seems we've had a problem for a while, and we've been backing up corrupt data.

This issue also spread to numerous other sites I maintain, including the database that actually runs the server administration tool. IE client websites that I've set up since May went down, email accounts deleted, etc. Clients have had to come first in this matter.

The good news, is that we've managed to recover the main Interstate-8 database. The bad news, is that we haven't been able to do the same so far with the Board database. It's really frustrating, because we have a backup of the database from October 5th, but as I mentioned, we've been backing up corrupt data somehow, so the file is no use (moral of the story, test your backups...).

Right now, we're still testing old Board backups. Bear with us, as these backups take a while to restore (phpBB has a pretty large and complex table structure). to get an idea of how functional they are. So far it's looking like the last stable Board backup we have could be June 12th, which is not great, but better than nothing. Thankfully news has been awfully slow and posts have been few.

We don't want to have to keep the Board down any longer than we have to. I'm going to keep looking at backups, but if I'm not successful, I'll probably bring the board back online on Sunday, with whatever we have then. I know this is frustrating, and I'm especially sorry to anyone that may have registered in the last 3 months, as you're going to have to do it again unless I have any more success.

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