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Combinations And Complications

Oh it takes a long time to come
To the pleasures of anything
It's like giving up waiting outside
In the pouring rain

And if you would let me
I'd keep running in circles
Like the water
Down the drain
Outside of your house
As we run off of the bow
We give a restless attempt
To ease the strain

It's getting so hot in here
That I'm starving up to come right here then
Everything's closing in then it's
Just as it were before I met

Inside combinations
Involve complications
Were smart
Not equation
You'd still be mine for trade

Carry me skyward and away, away from tulublo
Our difference in sizes, it leaves no surprises
We were mended [?]
Spontaneous fire
A sharpened briar, a bitter sense to me
Containing this holding pattern
A simple course on a surf map scene
Send me there, another nauseous trip

Inside combinations
Involve complications
Were smart
An equation
You're the one I need

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