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Crystalline Meeting

Heaven's leather lace, trembling to taste
And a dreaded dawn
Wishes in the waste, vicious are your tastes
When your sparks are gone
Pressure like a place where the sky bears down
And twenty times as strong
All is soon explained, as the nights they rend
With lightnings loud and long

Everything's crumbling and sullied by spells
Temperatures plummet as ears note the knells
Weathervane whipporwills swoop in - tell us it's hell

Born of crystalline meeting, rolled and stoned by the days
Our way tumbling two-step, pleasures to take

Clover from the cave feathers for her face
And a dream undone
Temple of the rays, windswept days, and amounts of fun
Memory a shade that the small all know
Is a show of closing doors
Get to something good
Or you'll slide down the face of the glacier, ever more

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