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Untitled (This Is Real Life)
Alternate Title/Lyrics For: Inanimate Know-How
Alt. Lyrics:

[same as normal version]

Alt. Titles/Lyrics:

Inanimate Know-How (normal version)

Normal Lyrics:

Choices and the voices of their lying lips
Riding in the backseat of your closet ship
Feeding while they're eating all our innocence

And I know that this is real life
In the backyard, on the loveseat
With the TV in the cellar

And I know that this is real life
And I am talking to the sofa in the soda machine
And there's a 7-Up logic that I've never seen, though

Won't you let me in on your secret?
In the summer
Because we're playing horseshoe without her

  • Title is unknown, and has been named by fans.
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