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Island Shore

Behind...behind me
Is a long line of trees leaning along the island shore
Preventing solid ground from crumbling to the river floor
I'm hoping you'll pull up and slip your anchor down
Maybe for many ages just decide to hang around

Inside...inside me
They sat on volcanoes, spewing red from its vents
And from many millennia ago when completely dormant
I'm hoping you'll notice and shift your comprehensions
Maybe move with more urgency or energy with your sense of direction

Ahead...ahead of me
Is a grey nebula rolling off balls of lint
Into the infinite sediment-forged fields toward stories of star detriment
I'm wondering if you'll be up there still with your anchor down
For many more ages just decide to hang around

[Isaac Brock]
I guess the mass is just a bit tricky, but even the universe comes round and round
Well time is a spotlight that was somehow not decided whether it even matters now
Cuz' my heart beats faster than your heart beats faster as it gets sucked back into the ground
Well it's not like we're chugging each other's shit-can closed in this drain we circle down

Cuz' we settin' the trap and took two steps back and with our own bait anyhow
Yeah, you didn't like the world getting beat on the ass in the final fucking round
Time is a spotlight and it's pointed in the wrong direction right about now
Oh, the heart beats faster; yes, the heart beats faster; now the finger comes around

  • Mimicking Birds featuring additional vocals by Isaac Brock
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